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RS800i - 2/3 Width Shelf

RS800i - 2/3 Width Shelf

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The specialized 2/3 shelf width can fit 2 accessory modules, allowing extra room to the side of the shelf for long rifle storage. Stack 2/3 width shelves as needed to take full advantage of the RS800i's modular interior. Mix and match accessory modules ranging from twin pistol racks, magazine racks, or single pistol/spare magazine options. Accessory modules not included. 

The 2/3 width shelf comes standard with the RS800i, and additional shelves can be added for a custom setup. Designed to fit into the RS800i and features magnetic and locking tabs to snap easily and securely in place.

Shelf only, accessory modules sold separately.

• Mix and match modules, the 3/4 width shelf allows you to purchase compatible magazine racks and pistol racks for a custom setup.

• Shelf Dimensions: 8.9" Wide x 11" Deep

• Max Load: 22lbs.



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