About Us

We're glad you found our website! You're likely here because you take firearm safety and storage seriously. Well, so do we!!

VaultekSales.com is a subsidiary of The Armories, a chain of firearm retailers based out of Orlando, FL. We have been a top-10 dealer for Vaultek since 2020, selling every one of their safes we could get our hands on from our brick & mortar locations. So we figured; why not expand our Vaultek offerings nation wide.... VaultekSales.com was born!

Vaultek offers modern solutions to the age old issue of safely storing your firearm. Their high-tech safes replace big, heavy, fireproof safes with small, lightweight safes, but with the added benefit of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Concerns of theft and safety outweigh concerns of fire for todays gun owners.  Having a safe that communicates WITH YOU about its status gives you peace of mind when you're away from it.

We have combined Vaulteks quality products with The Armories decades of firearm retail experience to bring safe firearm storage to the masses. We promise to deliver top-tier customer service that we have built our reputation on, anchored by our core values of INTEGRITY-CUSTOMER SERVICE-RESPECT.

So place your order knowing that we value your safety and your business. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the product and the service. And if you have a question, reach out via email, chat, social media or phone and our pros will be happy to help!